10×8-14 Cover Plate


Cover Plate:

We offer our cover plates to fit both the STX and MTX pump designs.  We offer small, large, and taper bore models.

Materials offer: CF8M (Stainless) and other materials upon request.


The difference in bores (flow modifiers) can be explained as follows:

Standard Bore: Designed for packing and also can be used with mechanical seals.  It is ideally used with Water-based liquids with flush.

Big Bore: Designed to achieve improved lubrication and cooling of the seal.  It is ideally used for the following:  Water-based liquids with flush,  Solids greater than 10% with flush, Paper stock with 0 to 5 % with flush, for seal face heat removal.



Disclaimer ***:  Our cover plates are interchangeable with popular brands such as Goulds, Peerless, Summit, and Griswold.  Though we offer high-quality replacement parts.  Our parts are aftermarket.  We are not associated with Itt Goulds, Peerless, Summit, or Griswold.