1.5×3-13 Impeller



Impeller: FULLY OPEN IMPELLER Best design for the Chemical Process Industries services. Ideally suited for corrosives and abrasives, handles solids and stringy fibers with ease. Allows for simple restoration of clearances when wear takes place. Back pump-out vanes reduce pressure on the shaft seal, reduce axial thrust on the bearings.

  • All impellers up to 44 pounds are investment cast
  • Part size cast into the impeller.  This makes part identification easier.
  • Impeller gasket in included with impeller
  • All impellers are dynamically balanced
  • We offer: CF8M and other materials upon request

Our impellers are comparable to famous pump brands such as Goulds, Peerless, Summit, and/ or Griswold.


Disclaimer***:   Though our parts are interchangeable with,  We are not affiliated with ITT Goulds, Peerless, Summit, and or Griswold.  We simply use these names for reference purposes only. We are not an OEM but simply a company that offers fine aftermarket replacement parts.


Note:  When replacing Impellers or doing pump overhauls, an important thing to remember that this type of pump requires that the impeller setting be set from the back of the casing.  This tolerance needs to be considered so that you will have proper pump performance.

Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg

DI, 316SS, CD4MCu, Alloy 20